Sachem’s Head Makeover

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Our clients for this project loved the simplicity and the setting of this 60’s modern house, but desired a complete reconfiguration  and updating of its existing spaces and a rethinking of its very dull exterior.  The only addition to the original dwelling is a new carport and storage area and new entry points. A new, canopied, main entrance is arrived at from a bluestone stair and walk.  The ‘back door’, sheltered by the carport, leads directly to the mudroom and the family/kitchen area.

All new glazing, some of it floor to ceiling, and extensive but simple maple plywood millwork enhance and complement the new, clean lines of the interior,  A horizontal, cedar rain screen facade accents the  horizontality of the structure and sets it off from other areas redone in the original board (actually T-111) and batten siding.  The long, linear sequence of rooms around the open U-shaped court (soon to be the only lawn amid the natural setting) proceeds from most public to most private, ending in the master suite.

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